Sing Unto Adonai

Sing Unto Adonai

The release from Sigalit Music titled “Sing Unto Adonai” includes 15 original songs each in Hebrew and English

 This project is a combination of original and biblical texts composed with complex harmonies, different Middle Eastern rhythms, a touch of gospel and a pinch of jazz. All songs are composed by Sigalit Music and were born out of her rich spiritual journey. The music on this CD is to inspire listeners to connect to the Hebrew roots of their faith and to express gratitude toward the Creator.

Click each song for a demo:

1. In Joy 

2. Sing to the Creator  

3. Let Us All Together 

4. I Will Thank You O Lord 

5. My God 

6. You Gave Me Life 

7. Sing Unto Adonai 

8. How Great is Adonai 

9. Thank You 

10. Our Hope Is In You 

11. Hallelu 

12. King of Kings 

13. I Come Before You 

14. Source of Life 

15. Shalom 

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$15.00 per CD

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